Spatially Localized Quasicrystals

Subramanian, P., Archer, A. J., Knobloch, E. & Rucklidge, A. M.,


We investigate quasicrystal-forming soft matter using a two-scale phase field crystal model. At state points near thermodynamic coexistence between bulk quasicrystals and the liquid phase, we find multiple metastable spatially localized quasicrystals embedded in a background of liquid. In three dimensions we obtain spatially localized icosahedral quasicrystals. In two dimensions, we compute several families of spatially  localized quasicrystals with dodecagonal structure and investigate their properties as a function of the system parameters. In both cases the localized quasicrystals are metastable, and so correspond to energetically locally favored structures. The presence of such structures is expected to crucially affect the dynamics of the crystallization process.

Publication details: under review with Nature Communications, 2018.

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