Huddersfield Wedding Details

The story goes that a boy and a girl wanted to not miss their annual music festival … so they decided that their wedding will be the weekend before the festival, at a place filled with memories and friends. So we have …

Wedding on Saturday, August 18th 2018 @ Huddersfield

1. Ringing it in…

We plan to have 40 friends and family present at the ceremony (your formal invitation will let you know if you are invited for this part of the day).

Rings and ceremony at the Huddersfield Town Hall between 1300-1400.

Click for address and parking information if you are driving down.

If you are arriving by train, the town hall is about 7 mins walk from the train station.

Link to google maps for directions from train station.

2. Sit-downish food…

With the rings done, we plan to take our first 1000 steps as man and wife in the half mile walk with you to get to the Huddersfield Irish Center

Link to google maps for directions from Town hall to Irish center

Here, the plan is to have a sit-down meal for the 40 people beginning 1430.

Sitdown meal starting at 1430. We decided to have all of our food for the day to be Vegan.. well almost vegan (Priya could not give up the strawberries and cream dream!)



Choices of soup: Pea and Mint or Tomato


Sausage and Apple Plait or Nut Roast

with Yorkshire Puddings and Veggies


Chocolate Pecan Pie or Lime Lemon & Coconut Pie

Those invited for the sit-down meal, please let us know your choices via email to or via phone to 07538158914 (Joe) by July 15th at the latest. Thanks!!

3. Buffet and reception

Buffet Menu from 1800 onwards

1. Potato Salad

2. Broccoli Salad

3. Mixed Green Salad

4. Coleslaw

5. Sausage rolls

6. Samosa

7. Wings (Seitan)

8. Hotdogs (Seitan)

with Chilli sauce, Veganaise, Ketchup and Mustard.

Sweets: Fruit salad, Sticky Toffee pudding along with Strawberries & Cream (well, there will be real cream, but coconut cream will also be available!)