Novel Perspectives on the Dynamics of Premixed Flames

Blumenthal, R. S., Subramanian, P., Sujith, R. I., & Polifke, W.,

anchored conical flame displaced
Displacement of anchored conical flame when forced by spatially convective impulse


The present study develops an alternative perspective on the response of premixed flames to flow perturbations. In particular, the linear response of laminar premixed flames to velocity perturbations is examined in the time domain, and the corresponding impulse response functions are determined analytically. Different flame types and shapes as well as different velocity perturbation models are considered. Two contributions to the flame response are identified: a convective displacement of the flame due to velocity perturbations, and a restoration mechanism, which is a consequence of the combined effects of flame propagation and flame anch oring. The impulse responses are used to identify the relevant time scales and to form non-dimen sional frequencies. The link of the present results to previous studies formulated in the frequency domain is established. The time domain approach is found to facilitate analysis and interpretation of well-known properties of premixed flames such as excess gain, periodic cutoff and self-similar aspec ts of flame response. Characteristic time scales of response appear naturally and can be interpreted in a straightforward manner.

Publication details: Combustion & Flame, vol. 160, pg. 1215-1224, 2013.

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