Three-dimensional Phase Field Quasicrystals

Subramanian, P., Archer, A. J., Knobloch, E. & Rucklidge, A. M.,

3D quasicrystal-section
Cut-away section of the 3D quasicrystal showing 5-fold symmetry plane


We investigate the formation and stability of icosahedral quasicrystalline structures using a dynamic phase field crystal model. Nonlinear interactions between density waves at two length scales stabilize threedimensional quasicrystals. We determine the phase diagram and parameter values required for the quasicrystal to be the global minimum free energy state. We demonstrate that traits that promote the formation of two-dimensional quasicrystals are extant in three dimensions, and highlight the characteristics required for three-dimensional soft matter quasicrystal formation.

Publication details: Physical Review Letters, vol. 117, pg. 075501, 2016.

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